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This mistress had never driven a manual transmission car before. She could not understand why there was a third pedal and she tried her best to drive but it proved challenging. She tried to balance the clutch and the gas pedal but she stepped on one too much. She kept doing it as she had a never say never attitude and slowly she got the hang of it and she did it by the end of the day.

Mistress Lucy laughed at this guy who could not drive a manual transmission car. He claimed that his car was faster than mistress Lucy's car but she did not agree. She challenged him to a race and he agreed. She stepped on the clutch, revved the car hard, put the car into gear and sped off. She pushed the gas pedal hard and the saw him speed off and he could not catch her.

Madame Marissa had watched online videos of how to drive a manual car. So she went and bought herself one because she wanted to own one. She taught herself to drive it and she struggled a bit and would stall the car a few times because of incorrect pedal pumping but she learned with every mistake and within no time, she was able to go on the highway and floor the gas pedal.

This mistress likes to do things that not many people do. One of those things is to drive a manual car and better yet, drive it using high heels. She knows it takes a lot of skill to pedal pump a stick shift using heels. She has to balance the pedal and at the same time be mindful of her high heels so that they do not hinder her driving. But it is fun for her knowing many people cannot do it.

Madame Marissa was learning how to drive a stick shift but so far it was much more fun than driving an automatic car. She liked how she balanced the clutch and the gas pedal. She loved how she would floor the pedals and how the car would rev up and zoom past other motorists. She was a learner but no one would have guessed from the way she handled herself.

When it comes to looking and feeling sexy, this mistress is at the top of the list. She loves wearing clothes and shoes that make her not only feel sexy but look sexy as well. It does not matter whether she is driving or she is doing something else. She can even run in high heels. She likes to show other mistresses how easy it is to drive any car in heels and she even has a camera in the car to prove it.

You can see almost all of this hottie's bare feet in her wedges. She has blue nail polish on and showing all of her legs. She is ready for some sexy pedal pumping. She pushes the gas pedal, brake and clutch again and again as her pretty feet tense up and so does her long soft legs. This hot clip starts from the moment she gets in the car and just gets hotter.

This hottie has some strong feet and she is going to use them to work the pedals of this car. She is wearing some really sexy high heel shoes and she is going to press them against the pedals of her car as hard as she possibly can. She loves mashing the gas pedal down to the floor board and hearing the revving engine. It just makes her have a wet pussy so quick.

This hottie has some big black high heel boots and she is going to use them to punish these pedals. She begins stomping on them and trampling them with her boots and shoes them absoltely no mercy. She shows you that she has some really strong feet and her feet are definitely not to be messed with. You could only imagine what she could do to a hard cock with her sexy feet.

Driving in the rain is just one of those things that are really stressful for a lot of people. You have to be really careful and watch what you are doing or you could very easily wreck. This brunette hottie is certainly not worried about driving in the rain and pedal pumping while she does it. She has a lot of nerve as she worked the pedals with her high heels.

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