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Madame Marissa wanted to pedal pump and today, she wanted to do it to pass time. She had a lot of time to waste and that is why she chose to do it because it was one of the things that she loved to do and that was totally enjoyable to her. So she got behind the wheel, started the car, revved it and then she sped off without any particular plan of where she was going.

Madame Marissa wanted to spend time pedal pumping and that is what she did. She had time and so she did not hesitate to go for a long drive. Such a drive is always therapeutic for her and that is what she was dreaming of when she set out for the journey. The sexy mistress had a great time speeding and pedal pumping as hard as she could do legally.

This mistress wanted to go and pedal pump a stick shift but before that, she wanted to teach herself how to do it with a machine pedal pump. The mistress loved playing with it and she felt like she was ready to go for her stick shift after she had played with the machine for an hour. It was a lot of fun for her and she knew she had made the right choice.

Mistress Valentina wanted to try driving barefoot as she had seen some of her friends. But she felt weird as her bare feet touched the pedals. She put the car into gear and she sped off but it was proving to be a little bit trickier than she was used to even though she managed to drive the car to where she wanted and back without any issues at all.

Mistress Zhanna and her boyfriend had a debate over who was the better driver and she challenged him to try and drive in high heels. To make it fair, they both drive in normal shoes and then they both had to drive in high heels. She aced the high heels and he aced the normal shoes. They both had to agree that they were both good and none was necessarily better than the other.

Mistress Sandy loves to pedal pump. She loves speed and that is why she only buys sports cars. She loves fast cars and today she boasted how fast her car was to this guy who tried to convince her that his car was faster than hers. She got behind the wheel of her stick shift and she sped off and he could not catch up with her. He could not believe it.

Mistress Lea has her own issues like every person out there. But she does not like to talk to people and that is what separates her from those who actively seek therapy to sort out their issues. The mistress loves to drive and she finds a lot of comfort while driving. That is why she loves it and for her, it is enough therapy when she revs her engine and puts the pedal to the metal and speeds off wherever she can to clear her mind.

Lady Stefanie was going for a date and she felt sexy. She also looked sexy and she was out to have the time of her life. She took her stick shift for the date and to make it extra hot, she used her high heels to drive. It always made her feet hot and increased her confidence whenever she drove with her high heels on. Her date could tell as she radiated confidence and sexiness.

Mistress Luna is a careful driver but she was getting tired of her too careful attitude and she felt it held her back. She wanted to take risks and have fun as well. And that is why she chose to try flooring the gas pedal and speed, something she had never done before. And she even recorded what she did so that she would remind herself of the courage she had to do it.

Mistress Sophia loves to trample and to dominate with her feet. And that is why she chose to train and find something to do on a daily basis that would help her develop her leg muscles. She wanted strong feet and that is why she chose to use pedal pumping to gain it. As she drove her stick shift, she loved it but she also had the added advantage of strengthening her feet.

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