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Lady Eva bought a manual car. It was challenging for her to balance the gas pedal and the clutch at the same time. She tried it repeatedly till she got used to it. It was especially hard in traffic and in hilly places. But she was determined and she managed. But she had to wear her flats because she was afraid she would rev the engine too much and knock other cars.

Lady B has a thing for cars. She has always loved them ever since she was young. She loves how she can revv up the engine and how she can speed and do all sorts of tricks with her super car. She was going to the store to buy some things but she had to go with the car despite it being a walking distance. She got inside and revved the engine before she sped off.

Watch my sweet and sexy feet as I pump my pedals in my pretty silver high heels. I just got a manicure and got this nice blue nail polish so my feet would look extra sexy for pedal pumping. My silver high heels are open toed so you can see almost all of my feet. Don't you wish you were here in my car to see my feet pedal pumping in person?

When Janine gets ready to drive, she makes sure she wears a sexy pair of shoes. She loves the way they make her strut to the car. As soon as she turns the car on, she happily takes her shoes off to feel the vibrations of the car. She loves to feel the power that is under her feet. As she drives, she knows that she controls the power leashed under her feet.

Sexy new model Gina has a red balloon and a foot powered air pump which she is going to use to pump up the balloon. She puts the red balloon on the end of the hose and holds it up as she takes her sexy nylon covered feet in her black high heels and presses down on the pump. She takes her feet and heels and uses them to press down on the pump over and over again until the balloon is filled with air.

Mistress Mackayla is a sexy brunette mistress with short hair wearing a blue tank top and is barefoot as she sits in her car. She has her car running but she is not able to get it to drive. She presses down on the gas pedal and the RPM's rev up but the car will not drive. She has no idea what else to try so she keeps pressing down on the gas pedal over and over again and she needs your help now.

When Lady B is ready to play, she starts with her feet. She loves to crush things with her feet and she knows that she will enjoy her sexual adventures more. She strips down and she puts her favorite pump down. She puts her foot on the pump and feels the thrill down to her pussy when she steps on it. She stomps and feels the pussy juices run down her bare pussy and thighs.

When she gets in her car, she has to wear her sexy shoes. Today she wears a pair of fuck me red high heels that make her legs feel longer and sexier than before. She enjoys having her fuck me pumps on when she drives because it makes her feel sexier. Whens she gets in, she uses both feet to push the pedals. She loves having the vibrations of the car shoot through both her feet. She feels it all the way to her pussy.

Mistress Leila is wearing flesh colored stockings over her super sexy long lush legs as she sits in the drivers seat of her sports car. She has on a pair of black repettos over her stockings as she presses down on the pedals of the car. She uses her feet to press down on the gas as the engine revs from her sexy foot pushes hard onto the gas pedal.

Mistress Angelina is a sexy Russian brunette mistress wearing a sexy pair of black high heel boots as she gets into her sports car and uses her sexy boots to push down on the pedals. She takes her boots off and uses her sexy black nylon covered feet to take over pushing down on the pedals. She presses down on the clutch and the gas and even the break with her sexy silky feet.

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