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Layla and Jane love to flex their sexy little feet and they love doing it in a car. They enjoy the muscles they have to use to make a car go fast. It seems like the sensations under their feet go directly to their clit so they try to do it as often as possible. They go to test drive a new car and they trade places so both can feel those sexy sensations traveling up their pussies.

Have you ever seen a woman with some really sexy legs and you always wanted to just rub your hands up and down her legs? Well, you are going to get an eye full when you check out this hottie with some beautiful legs. Not only does she have sexy legs, but she also has some sexy feet when she uses to work the pedals in her sports car.

This hottie just got back from the gym and you get to see her working the pedal with her sexy feet. Her sweaty feet are inside some sexy white tennis shoes and she is going to use them to press on the pedal until she can't make it go any further. She loves the feeling of having the gas pedal underneath her sexy foot and knowing that she has so much power under her control.

This woman has a big time passion for pedal pumping. She goes out to her car, sits down and begins working the pedals almost immediately with her sexy feet. At first, she is wearing some really sexy shoes that any man would love to be trapped underneath. After that, she takes off her shoes and begins pedal pumping while she is wearing some pantyhose. She works pedals like a pro.

This sexy woman loves getting her thrills from pushing in on the pedals of her car. She is wearing some nice black high heels as she usually does when she decides to enjoy some pedal pumping. She sits her nice tight ass down into the seat of her car and puts her hands on the wheel. Next, she begins to work the pedals with her sexy feet, mashing the gas pedal and brake pedal.

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