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Mistress Tina and her friend are on a road trip and after a long drive they decide to stop and test out the old car engine and make sure that it was still holding up. She gets in the drivers seat of the car and uses her sexy feet covered in sandals to pump the pedals of the car and to rev out the engine as it roars to life with the pushing of her feet.

Miss Natalia is behind the drivers seat of her smoking sports car as she wears her freshly polished black high heels and uses them to press down on the gas and revs the engine up. She takes her sexy black heels and makes the sports car roar down the high way as she presses down on the pedals with her sexy heels. She then takes her heels off and continues to drive down the highway barefoot.

Mistress Iwona is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pair of white jeans with white sandals on her feet as she takes her feet and presses down on the pedals of her Audi car. You can see her bright red toe nails through her sandals as she presses down on the gas and brake pedals as hard as she can with her strong legs and her sexy feet while you get to watch up close.

Mistress Christin is a sexy mistress wearing sexy slip on sandals as she drives Lady B's BMW down the highway. She uses her sexy sandal covered feet to press down on the pedals and then she takes off her sandals and drives the car down the highway barefoot. She uses her sexy bare feet to press down on the pedals and she revs the engine up in the car and then speeds off into the sunset.

Mistress Axelle is a sexy mistress wearing a stunning outfit with her tan colored stockings covering her feet and her legs as she sits in the drivers seat of her car and then starts pressing down on the gas pedal. As she drives the car in her bare stocking covered feet she takes her toes and uses them to press down harder on the gas pedal and then drives down the highway in her stocking covered feet.

When Natalia gets behind the wheel of a car, she loves every aspect of it. She loves the feeling of soft and sweet leather under her ass. She loves the feeling of the wind in her face. She especially loves the feel of bumpy pedals under her sexy bare feet. She loves being able to run her feet over each bump and crevice. She loves feeling the vibrations and how it sets her clit off.

When she drives, Emely loves the power that lies below her. She enjoys getting dressed in her sexiest clothes and heels. When she gets behind the wheel in her sexy black boots, she didn't like the feeling so she took them off. When she finally turned the car on and felt the vibrations, she felt it all the way to her wet pussy. She loves pressing the gas and petals with her bare feet.

When it comes to driving, there is nothing more erotic to her than driving with nylons and no shoes. She treated herself to a trip to a dealership. She sweet talked the man into allowing her to drive a pretty little foreign car without her shoes. The bumps on the petals under her feet made her pussy wetter than it's ever been. She loves being able to use both her feet. It gives her a sensation she has never had before.

Layla and Jane love to flex their sexy little feet and they love doing it in a car. They enjoy the muscles they have to use to make a car go fast. It seems like the sensations under their feet go directly to their clit so they try to do it as often as possible. They go to test drive a new car and they trade places so both can feel those sexy sensations traveling up their pussies.

Have you ever seen a woman with some really sexy legs and you always wanted to just rub your hands up and down her legs? Well, you are going to get an eye full when you check out this hottie with some beautiful legs. Not only does she have sexy legs, but she also has some sexy feet when she uses to work the pedals in her sports car.

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