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Madame Marissa knew how hard it was to drive a car in high heels. But she knew that it was even harder to do so in high heels. That is why she opted to try it out today because it was something she wanted to do at least once in her life. She was sure that she could pull it off and so today she gave it a try. She managed to do it.

Mistress Sophia loves driving for the thrill of it. She loves how the car revs when she steps on the gas pedal and how it zooms past other cars when she is on the freeway. She also likes the fact that she has complete control of her car given that it is a stick shift. She loves balancing the clutch and the gas pedal and loves it even more given that most new drivers do not know how to drive one.

This mistress wore high heel shoes and she wanted to use them to drive. They were very sharp and pointed and she was afraid they would stick on the floor board and make it hard for her to drive. But she had never chickened out of a challenge before and she was not about to do it today. So she got behind the wheel, started the car, revved it and sped off.

When it comes to looking and feeling sexy, this mistress is at the top of the list. She loves wearing clothes and shoes that make her not only feel sexy but look sexy as well. It does not matter whether she is driving or she is doing something else. She can even run in high heels. She likes to show other mistresses how easy it is to drive any car in heels and she even has a camera in the car to prove it.

Lady Eva bought a manual car. It was challenging for her to balance the gas pedal and the clutch at the same time. She tried it repeatedly till she got used to it. It was especially hard in traffic and in hilly places. But she was determined and she managed. But she had to wear her flats because she was afraid she would rev the engine too much and knock other cars.

I want you to keep looking at my feet as I go on a long journey in my car. I have my favorite open toe wedges on and put on some fuchsia nail polish to make my feet look extra sexy. I get in my car and start pedal pumping on the gas pedal, brake and clutch tensing up my legs as I crush the pedals with my sexy feet.

This hot foot fetish lady walks to her car in pink open toe wedges with red nail polish on with her sexy legs shining in the sun. She gets in her car and starts pedal pumping on the gas pedal, brake and clutch. The camera zooms in on her feet as they tense up and switch from pedal to pedal. This is hypnotizing to anyone with a shoe or foot fetish.

Watch my clip of me in jeans and sneakers as I drive my car around town and the camera points to my feet pedal pumping. I push on the gas pedal, brake and clutch back and forth with the camera zooming in on my feet in sneakers. Do you have a foot fetish? Well, watch me pedal pumping in my car and it should satisfy it. I like it when you watch.

Lady Cathy gets in her car and pushes the pedal to the metal in her sexy high heel shoes. She lets you watch her pedal pumping back and forth and she pumps the gas pedal to rev the car up. When she gets going, she takes off her high heels and starts pedal pumping in her bare feet. She likes the way the engine feels through the gas pedal on her bare feet.

Mary is driving all around the city with her green flat shoes on. She goes back and forth with hot pedal pumping and her bare soles move in and out of the shoe. She even exposes her bare foot at one time then puts it back on so she can go back to pedal pumping. If you have a shoe fetish, Mary likes it when you watch her feet in action.

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