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This mistress wore high heel shoes and she wanted to use them to drive. They were very sharp and pointed and she was afraid they would stick on the floor board and make it hard for her to drive. But she had never chickened out of a challenge before and she was not about to do it today. So she got behind the wheel, started the car, revved it and sped off.

This sexy mistress is wearing a sexy pair of platform sandals made of out denim jeans material as she sits in her car and pumps on her pedals. She takes her feet and pushes down on the gas and the brake and even the clutch as she drives around. She even lets you watch her sexy heels as she walks towards her car and gets into the drivers seat before driving away.

This sexy mistress has her toe nails painted blue and is wearing blue flip flops with small wedges on the bottoms of them as she sits in the drivers side of her car and drives around town. She uses her sexy flip flops to press down on the pedals of her car revving the engine up and using the clutch to switch between gears as her sexy feet press down on the pedals.

This sexy mistress is wearing black and silver sandals with her fuchsia painted toe nails as she sits in the drivers seat of her car and gets ready to push her pedals. She takes her sandals and pumps on the gas, brake and clutch with her strong feet pressing down on the pedal with one and sometimes both of her strong feet and she lets you watch up close and see her sexy feet.

Hot pedal pumping action with Mary and her hot sexy white high heels! This babe Mary has perfect feet, and perfect red painted toe nails. This babe is oh so hot! Watch her work the pedal with her sexy clean shaven legs and feet! This babe really knows what she is doing! I just love watching her pump this gas and work this car, mmmh she is so sexy!

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