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Mistress Lea did not want to use her ass or her tits to tease this guy. She knew he was a car buff and so she used her sexy feet and her pedal pumping to tease him. She would do so and then make naughty faces at him and he got what she was communicating and he was turned the fuck on. But mistress Lea teased and denied the poor guy.

Lady Shay did not have a sports car but that did not mean that she would not enjoy pedal pushing. She did not like flooring her car because it just produced a lot of engine vibrations and rattled which was not sexy. So she went and she bought a sewing machine instead. And she had a great time with it as she could pedal pump it however she felt like.

Mistress Luna wanted to send her slave a message and she used pedal pumping to do it. The mistress took a video of how rough she pedal pumped her car and she got him to see it. She then told him that was how she was going to crush his balls and his face if he did not change and do things the way she instructed him. He was scared and he did things her way.

Lady B wanted to pedal pump but it was snowing and she could not go out to drive her car. She had to settle for a foot pump she had in the house. The mistress did not find it a lot of fun at first but as she went on, it became a little interesting each time until she got to a point where she enjoyed it completely and did it well.

Mistress Megan and her boyfriend had a bet that she would not be able to drive a stick shift. She got behind the wheel of her boyfriend's car and she not only drove it, but she was able to drive it in high heels. He was shocked and did not know she was that good. He gladly agreed to lose and he paid up happily. It was one of the many things she shocked him.

Mistress Sophia loves to trample and to dominate with her feet. And that is why she chose to train and find something to do on a daily basis that would help her develop her leg muscles. She wanted strong feet and that is why she chose to use pedal pumping to gain it. As she drove her stick shift, she loved it but she also had the added advantage of strengthening her feet.

Lady Alice is a dominant mistress who likes to be in charge of all scenarios and that is why chose to go for a sports car and especially a manual one. That way, she would be in control of all aspects of the car from the ignition, gearing, braking, and speeding. She enjoyed leaving guys behind with her speed as she controlled the car and pulled moves few guys can manage.

This mistress is in the Halloween spirit showing off her Halloween pedicure with her nails painted orange and black while she is wearing black sandals sitting in her car. Her sandals are wedge heels and she uses her heels to press down on her pedals of her car while sitting in the drivers seat of her car and drives around car using her sexy feet to pump the pedals as she drives all over.

This babe is sitting in the drivers seat of her car wearing purple and black sandals as she presses down on the pedals of her car. She takes her heels and she uses them to press down on the pedals of the car as she pumps the gas pedal, the brake and the clutch of her car. She shows off her toes that are painted black with nail polish as she pumps the pedals of her car.

This sexy woman loves getting her thrills from pushing in on the pedals of her car. She is wearing some nice black high heels as she usually does when she decides to enjoy some pedal pumping. She sits her nice tight ass down into the seat of her car and puts her hands on the wheel. Next, she begins to work the pedals with her sexy feet, mashing the gas pedal and brake pedal.

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