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Mistress Machina loves to pedal pump and today the mistress felt that the best thing was to try it while barefoot. She had never tried it before and since she was not in a hurry, she felt that it was the best time for her to try it out so she did. It ended up being very interesting to her and she enjoyed it a lot to the point of making it a regular thing for her.

Mistress Sandy loves to pedal pump. She loves speed and that is why she only buys sports cars. She loves fast cars and today she boasted how fast her car was to this guy who tried to convince her that his car was faster than hers. She got behind the wheel of her stick shift and she sped off and he could not catch up with her. He could not believe it.

Whenever lady Shay wants to race, she uses her car sandals. She had a bet with her boyfriend who did not know she raced and he was so confident he would beat her that he chose to make it a big money wager. She agreed without saying a word. And she put on her car sandals and she revved the car, put it in gear and she sped off. He never caught up with her and could not believe it was his girlfriend who had done that.

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