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Lady Fine wanted to show ladies how to drive manual cars. She got inside her Audi and drove barefoot with a camera showing how she was balancing the clutch and the gas pedal. She enjoyed revving the engine and speeding and they could hear the sound of the engine and see what her legs were doing. It was so cool and she laughed as she did it. She was clearly enjoying herself.

When this mistress wanted to buy a car, she went and chose a manual car. She did that because they are not so common nowadays and many ladies do not like them. she wanted to stand out and stand out she did. She likes to wear her wedges when driving and revving up the engine to her sports car. She likes to look sexy and a manual car helps her.

Christin had a date and she wanted to arrive there in style. So she went into her sports car, which has a manual transmission, with her high heels. She was wearing stunners and she wanted to impress the guy when she pulled up to the parking lot and he came to open her door. She was looking sexy and gorgeous and she got in the car, started it, revved up the engine and sped off.

This mistress is hot and she loves cars which are as hot as she is. She bought this camaro and she wanted to take it for a spin. She made sure it was well washed and she dressed for the occasion. She wore a boy short as well as stunners and high heels. Then she got inside, revved up the engine and sped away. She was the highlight of many guys in traffic.

Daidra loves to drive. When she drives, she enjoys wearing a pair of red stilettos. She knows that she won't be able to drive properly with them so she takes them off when she drives. Before she turns the motor in her car, she takes her shoes off and she places her feet on the pedals. The powerful vibrations send thrills from her bare feet to her pussy. She enjoys the vibrations and makes them last as long as possible.

When it comes to driving, Christin enjoys driving luxury cars in sexy shoes. When her lover gifts her with a new BMW, she puts on her sexy new high heeled mules to take it for a text drive. She loves the feel of the pedals under her feet. She wanted to feel the sexy textures on her bare feet so she took her shoes off and drove home with her shoes off.

Mistress Adriana is a sexy blonde mistress with long curly hair wearing a pair of blue jeans with a pair of silver sandals as she sits in the drivers seat of her fancy sports car. She takes her feet and she presses down on the pedals of the car and revs up the engine. She then takes off her high heels and presses down on the pedals with her sexy bare feet.

Mistress Christin is a sexy mistress driving Lady B BMW as she wears her sexy black high heel sandals as she pushes down on the pedals of the car. She takes her right foot and presses down on the gas pedal as the car takes off. She then uses her left foot and presses down on the clutch as she shifts the car into a higher speed to get the car to fly down the highway.

This mistress is ready to take her blue Audi convertible for a drive as she gets into the drivers seat wearing a pair of white pants and a pair of black boots. She gets in the car and shuts the door and uses her black boots to press down on the gas pedal as she gets the car moving. This sexy mistress knows that you love to watch her sexy feet press down on the pedals.

This sexy mistress is wearing a mini skirt showing off her long legs as she sits in the drivers seat of a fancy sports car. She takes her long legs and presses them down towards the pedals and she takes and uses the to press the gas as the car takes off. She uses her legs and her feet to shift the car and get the speed up there as she has you hypnotized by her sexy legs.

This hot mistress Natalia looks so hot in her tight fitting blue jeans as you can see every crack and out line of her body. You can also see her round shape ass as with her long legs going down to her sexy Converse sneakers. This girl looks good as she pushes on the clutch and shifts while she steps on the gas. The guy sitting next to her is in agony as he sees her sexy body and feet do the pumping of the pedals.

Have you ever wanted to see a sexy woman inside a sports car and pump the hell out of the pedals? With this babe has a pedal pumping fetish and she is going to hammer these pedals to the floor with her sexy bare feet. She sits in the driver's seat of her sports car and begins working the pedal like a master. Just listen to that engine revving up.

Girl with very sexy legs driving through Paris in her Peugeot 207 while in elegant high-heels with ancle strap over skin-colored tights. She shows she's in control of the car, expertly pumping the pedals as she goes.

This is a video of a sexy girl driving through Miami in her sports car. She's wearing black Repetto shoes as she applies the pedals. They are like sandals with a very low cut, shwoing off her sexy feet.

This sexy young woman pumps the pedals of this sports car as she revs the engine in her sexy white fitness training sneakers. It is a very feminine and erotic look as she presses on the accelerator and brake in blue and white fitness trainers with her pretty pink socks. She drives around down working the gearshift and pressing hard on the pedals and it is all a sexy picture

The sexy girlfriend in her white top, tight blue jeans and white sneakers drives her boyfriend around town pedal pumping the car. The vibrations from her little sports car drives me wild as we plan to soon pull over in a hidden parking lot. I love to see her driving all the time in her cute white sneakers as pumps the gas pedal revving the car and hits the brakes.

This girl is driving a Peugeot 207 sports car in her old metallic gray Converse sneakers. She is very sexy as she pedal pumps and pedal pushes the Peugeot all around the town. Don't you feel the vibration of the car as she pumps the gas and revs the engine of the small sports car. The engine revving by her pretty little feet is such a turn on, isn't it?

Hot pedal pumping action with Mary and her hot sexy white high heels! This babe Mary has perfect feet, and perfect red painted toe nails. This babe is oh so hot! Watch her work the pedal with her sexy clean shaven legs and feet! This babe really knows what she is doing! I just love watching her pump this gas and work this car, mmmh she is so sexy!

One look at this dark haired mistress with the sexy brown eyes and pouty lips and you would think she abides by the rules of no speeding, wear your seatbelt, and every other traffic rule. But once you climb inside and let her take you for a ride you will learn quick about this girl's addiction to pedal pushing until her bare feet are to the floor mats in her nice ass ride.

Bubbly and ready to have a good time is Jenny who has kind of 'borrowed' her father's sports car for the day while he is at work. She takes it for a wild spin around the parking lot making smoke come out of the tail pipes, not caring that there are people staring at her as they walk passed. She just sticks out her middle finger at them and keep pushing.