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When Lady B is ready to play, she starts with her feet. She loves to crush things with her feet and she knows that she will enjoy her sexual adventures more. She strips down and she puts her favorite pump down. She puts her foot on the pump and feels the thrill down to her pussy when she steps on it. She stomps and feels the pussy juices run down her bare pussy and thighs.

When Lilia has to go somewhere, she starts out in her high heels. She feels sexy and kinky when she walks to her car. As soon as she gets into her car, she revs the engine, sending the first wave of pleasure through her hot pussy. As soon as the car is warmed and ready to go, she takes her shoes off so she can feel the vibrations through her bare feet. She loves the tingles she gets in her pussy.

When Vanessa gets behind the wheel of her car, she gets turned on. She gets in barefoot so that she can get the most from her trip. As soon as she gets in, her pussy starts to throb. She enjoys feeling the vibrations under her feet, sending shocks through her body. As she drives, she takes the longest way through her town so that she can cum as many times as she can.

Tina is a brunette that loves to feel vibrations against her bare feet. She doesn't bother hiding it anymore. When she drives, she does it bare foot. She keeps her older car running because the vibrations are the best. She loves to feel the vibrations against her sensitive feet, turning her on. She loves touching the pedals with her feet because the textures are just as erotic as the vibrations are.

When it comes to driving, Christin enjoys driving luxury cars in sexy shoes. When her lover gifts her with a new BMW, she puts on her sexy new high heeled mules to take it for a text drive. She loves the feel of the pedals under her feet. She wanted to feel the sexy textures on her bare feet so she took her shoes off and drove home with her shoes off.

Mistress Adriana is a sexy blonde mistress with long curly hair wearing a pair of blue jeans with a pair of silver sandals as she sits in the drivers seat of her fancy sports car. She takes her feet and she presses down on the pedals of the car and revs up the engine. She then takes off her high heels and presses down on the pedals with her sexy bare feet.

When Natalia gets behind the wheel of a car, she loves every aspect of it. She loves the feeling of soft and sweet leather under her ass. She loves the feeling of the wind in her face. She especially loves the feel of bumpy pedals under her sexy bare feet. She loves being able to run her feet over each bump and crevice. She loves feeling the vibrations and how it sets her clit off.

When Saskia decides to drive, she doesn't quite know what is wrong. She is dressed to kill in her pretty black dress and purple high heels. She revs the engine but she's not feeling turned on. She takes her heel off and instantly her clit goes into overdrive. She loves the feeling that is shooting to her pussy from the feel of her foot moving on the pedal. As she works the gas pedal, she gets closer to cumming.

When she drives, Emely loves the power that lies below her. She enjoys getting dressed in her sexiest clothes and heels. When she gets behind the wheel in her sexy black boots, she didn't like the feeling so she took them off. When she finally turned the car on and felt the vibrations, she felt it all the way to her wet pussy. She loves pressing the gas and petals with her bare feet.

When it comes to driving, there is nothing more erotic to her than driving with nylons and no shoes. She treated herself to a trip to a dealership. She sweet talked the man into allowing her to drive a pretty little foreign car without her shoes. The bumps on the petals under her feet made her pussy wetter than it's ever been. She loves being able to use both her feet. It gives her a sensation she has never had before.

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