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Maddy is a smoking hot blonde with long, soft and sexy legs and flawless sexy feet. She sits in her car smoking a cigarette. She has on classy black high heels that are open toed and show all of her feet and also make her sweet legs tense up when she is pedal pumping. She knows this turns you on so she takes one of her shoes off and pedal pumps with her bare feet.

Smoking hot blonde foot fetish queen Maddy looks so seductive as she sits in her car smoking a cigarette. She beckons you with her eyes to get a closer look at her sexy feet so she can do some pedal pumping for you in her high heels. Her soft sexy legs tense up as she pumps the gas pedal and brake and her feet and legs glisten in the sun.

Maddy is just chilling in her new car with its automatic transmission, smoking. She smokes her cigarette while pumping the gas pedal with her sexy black high heels, watch her tease you with her sexy tan legs and feet! Just listen to this beastly engine sound! I really like a babe who knows how to work a car, I also like a babe with sexy legs and sexy feet, Maddy here has it all!

Maddy loves fast rides. She looks hot in her fast ride with her blonde hair pulled back and just enough eyeshadow to set off her sexy eyes. She knows she is not the only one who likes revving up cars so she started a club and got numerous replies. Now each month they all get together and meet in a different location each month just to rev up those speedy sports cars. Men are not the only ones who are obsessed with fast cars.

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