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Girl with very sexy legs driving through Paris in her Peugeot 207 while in elegant high-heels with ancle strap over skin-colored tights. She shows she's in control of the car, expertly pumping the pedals as she goes.

This is a video of a sexy girl driving through Miami in her sports car. She's wearing black Repetto shoes as she applies the pedals. They are like sandals with a very low cut, shwoing off her sexy feet.

There is noting special about a Peugeot 207, but THIS one is special because Natalia is behind the wheel. And she's wearing an incredibly short skirt over flesh-colored tights that show off her incredible legs. She's wearing dark brown leather boots as she works the pedals, turning the car around to where she wants to go. You've got to see how hot she can make it!

Here is a really tall girl trying out her new car. Iwona is really tall, and has fantastic legs. But she also enjoys driving, and wants to make sure everything is a fit. So first she tries with some pink high heeled shoes, and then takes them off to pump the car pedals in her bare feet. Just look at those feet and legs.

Claire is dressed in her tight blue jeans with sexy nylon stockings and her high heels. She eventually removes her high heels and drives around pumping the pedals in her bare feet and stockings. She looks very hot in the poerful car as she makes a lot of vibrations by pumping the accelerator and brake pedal very hard. It is a very erotic sight as she takes off her heels

This sexy model drives on a small road outside of Miami in her sexy black shoes pedal pumping the car. This hot woman exposes her sexy legs as she forcefully steps on the gas and the brake in her cute little shoes. She tan gets out of the Nissan Murano and walks along side of the small road. It is all a very sexy clip as she pedal pumps the car.

The sexy girlfriend in her white top, tight blue jeans and white sneakers drives her boyfriend around town pedal pumping the car. The vibrations from her little sports car drives me wild as we plan to soon pull over in a hidden parking lot. I love to see her driving all the time in her cute white sneakers as pumps the gas pedal revving the car and hits the brakes.

Murielle looks very hot in he purple dress and gold stiletto heels as she pedal pumps the car. She than takes the stiletto's off to continue to pump the gas pedal in her bare feet. You get to look at her sexy legs as she works that gas pedal up and down. If you like sports cars and hot girls than Murielle will satisfy your desire as she pumps the pedals.

This girl is driving a Peugeot 207 sports car in her old metallic gray Converse sneakers. She is very sexy as she pedal pumps and pedal pushes the Peugeot all around the town. Don't you feel the vibration of the car as she pumps the gas and revs the engine of the small sports car. The engine revving by her pretty little feet is such a turn on, isn't it?

Sexy babe Angelina in high heels with her long brunette hair and her sexy plump lips is here to work this pedal and teach it a lesson! She starts off using her sexy high heels, then she slips them off and uses her bare feet! Listen to the sound of the engine revving! Watch her as she looks over at you, seeing if you are paying attention to her sexy feet!

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