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Mistresses Indira and Lady B have a thing for crushing and pumping things. They went out and bought inflatable toys. They had a great time pumping them and inflating them. Once they had inflated all of them, they would crush them or deflate them and then begin afresh. It was a lot of fun and the mistresses did not notice time pass. They were tired at the end of it all but happy.

Sexy Celine in her black tights and black leather shoes plays with the pedals of the car. She teasingly hits the gas pedal and pumps the brake in a very sexy way. She wears very provocative black tights and a short dress and than removes her shoes as she drives back. It is a very sexy sight as she cruises through the streets of Paris pumping the cars pedals.

This girl is driving a Peugeot 207 sports car in her old metallic gray Converse sneakers. She is very sexy as she pedal pumps and pedal pushes the Peugeot all around the town. Don't you feel the vibration of the car as she pumps the gas and revs the engine of the small sports car. The engine revving by her pretty little feet is such a turn on, isn't it?

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