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Madame Marissa and her boyfriend both love cars and they love to race. Today the mistress wanted to race her boyfriend in high heels while he did it with bare feet. She was comfortable driving with shoes, bare feet and with high heels. She knew he would find it weird as he had never done it before and so it was fun for her to race him without his shoes on. She won.

This mistress loves cars. She loves driving and she especially loves stick shifts. She loves to put the car into gear and then speed off. She loves pressing the gas pedal hard and accelerating like mad. She loves sports cars because of their speed and power but today she wanted to try a big car so she went for a truck. She wanted to have a feel of how it felt to pedal pump a truck.

This mistress and her friends had never driven a manual car and they had never driven any car in high heels. They had a challenge to see who could drive a manual car in high heels better. They even had a camera in the car to see who won. They all had their challenges but this mistress clearly won although she did not do it without her fair share of difficulties.

Carla is one sexy babe, but when she is getting ready to shift her car into another gear, she is using both of her sexy high heels at once to get her car's clutch shifted. She has some great looking legs and her shoes are very nice too. Driving through the streets of Paris gets more and more sexy as Carla is doing her thing driving around in her heels.

Wow, the lovely Claire is dressed up in a great skirt that shows off her toned thighs that look to die for as she gets ready to head out for the day in Miami. Her driving skills are excellent, but so are her great looking feet. Claire has excellent calves that know just how to control the pedals in her vehicle made for a queen like Claire.

Natalia is one sexy babe that has places to go, and people to see. She also loves to get dressed up in a nice outfit with that perfect pair of shoes. She has her prefect feet covered up in a nice pair of white flats with a bow. Natalia is going to be the ultimate dream for foot fetish lovers, because you can't resist her nice looking shoes.

Very tall and sexy girl Iwona pedal pumps the Audi dressed in all white and in white wedges. The sexy white high heels make this tall beauty look very erotic as she presses down hard on the brake and the accelerator. This very hot brunette gets a lot of vibration from the Audi as she pushes the pedals with a lot of gusto. It is a very erotic sight.

This sexy young woman pumps the pedals of this sports car as she revs the engine in her sexy white fitness training sneakers. It is a very feminine and erotic look as she presses on the accelerator and brake in blue and white fitness trainers with her pretty pink socks. She drives around down working the gearshift and pressing hard on the pedals and it is all a sexy picture

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