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Natalia is one sexy babe that has places to go, and people to see. She also loves to get dressed up in a nice outfit with that perfect pair of shoes. She has her prefect feet covered up in a nice pair of white flats with a bow. Natalia is going to be the ultimate dream for foot fetish lovers, because you can't resist her nice looking shoes.

Claire has on a pair of black stockings that are very dark. She is also wearing a pair of black pumps today, because she is going somewhere very important. Her dark heels are going to pump the gas pedal, but she has to pay attention to use the clutch, so she doesn't mess up her driving. She makes driving very sexy with her great high heels that are leather.

There is nothing like pretty feet with a great pedicure getting ready to start pushing the pedals. This lovely lady has some great looking feet, and she is going to step on the gas nice and slow, but she has a clutch, so she will also have to step on the clutch to shift into the next gear. She is a total turn on for pedal fetish.

If you live in the Florida area you may just come across this sexy babe but you better get out of her way. She loves to work the pedals of her 4x4 with her sexy feet. Today, she is wearing some sexy black high heel shoes and she uses them to press against the pedal. She works the pedals in her big Nissan Murano and she just listens to the revving engine.

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