Pedal Pumping

Hot girls pumping pedals

Mistress Jenny is in her car wearing black and white sneakers with socks as she starts the car up. She pushes the gas pedal with her sneaker covered feet and the engine revs up. She then take the sneakers off and pumps the pedals with her sock covered feet before taking her socks off and pressing the pedals down as she drives all around town with her stinky bare feet pressing down on the pedals.

This sexy mistress is wearing a pair of leopard print sandals in silver and black and her toe nails are painted a stunning color of fuchsia enamel nail polish. She is sitting in the drivers seat of her car and is busy pushing and pumping on the pedals as she works the car. She trades between hitting the gas, the brake and the clutch with her feet pressing down hard and fast on the pedals!

There are millions of things that turn others on but driving in wedges is what gets her horny. This babe loves anything that fits her feet and having her feet stimulated. As soon it's time for her weekly pedicure, she knows that she will take the long route home. She loves to have her feet touched. After, she carefully puts her feet in her new wedges and starts her car. She feels her clit swelling from the vibrations of the car and almost cums when she has to break and accelerate.

Daidra loves to drive. When she drives, she enjoys wearing a pair of red stilettos. She knows that she won't be able to drive properly with them so she takes them off when she drives. Before she turns the motor in her car, she takes her shoes off and she places her feet on the pedals. The powerful vibrations send thrills from her bare feet to her pussy. She enjoys the vibrations and makes them last as long as possible.

When Kim puts on her tights, she knows that she will have a great day with her feet. She loves the way the material feels on her feet. They feel like sexy kisses to her. She goes into her room and finds her air pump. She loves using it because she can pump it with her feet. As soon as she uses her feet to pump the air pump, she feels the folds of her pussy getting wet.

There is never a time that she drives and she doesn't have a pair of thin soled high heels on. She enjoys the way her feet feel in the tight leather. When she starts her car, she is happy to feel the vibrations under her feet. She knows that she will enjoy the ride. As she presses the gas and break pedals, she gets turned on and really horny. The further along she drives, the more she enjoys it.

When Janine gets ready to drive, she makes sure she wears a sexy pair of shoes. She loves the way they make her strut to the car. As soon as she turns the car on, she happily takes her shoes off to feel the vibrations of the car. She loves to feel the power that is under her feet. As she drives, she knows that she controls the power leashed under her feet.

Sexy new model Gina has a red balloon and a foot powered air pump which she is going to use to pump up the balloon. She puts the red balloon on the end of the hose and holds it up as she takes her sexy nylon covered feet in her black high heels and presses down on the pump. She takes her feet and heels and uses them to press down on the pump over and over again until the balloon is filled with air.

Mistress Tina is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pink shirt with a blue jean jacket and has bare feet as she sits in the drivers seat in this pov clip. She takes her feet and puts them on the gas pedal so you can see them nice and close as she starts pressing down on the gas pedal. She continues to pump the pedal in this old car while you get to watch in the best position possible. POV!

Sexy Janine is wearing a sexy pair of high heels as she sits in her Seat Leon and she revs the engine because she loves the way it sounds. She takes her sexy heels and uses them to press the gas pedal all the way down to the floor and the engine revs up. She then takes off her heels and uses her sexy bare feet to continue to rev the car up.

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