Pedal Pumping

Hot girls pumping pedals

Bubbly and ready to have a good time is Jenny who has kind of 'borrowed' her father's sports car for the day while he is at work. She takes it for a wild spin around the parking lot making smoke come out of the tail pipes, not caring that there are people staring at her as they walk passed. She just sticks out her middle finger at them and keep pushing.

Each hot vixen who is in the pedal pumping club always wears high heels. It just doesn't seem right when you're pushing that gas pedal with some old sneakers on. Each girl every month climbs in her car and at the same time the members rev up their cars in unison and gets off from the sound, vibrations and smoke that comes from their cars.

Lady Cathy has to do a few errands for today so she climbs her big, sexy ass into her fast car, slides her shoes off, puts the top down and speeds her way through traffic. Everything is a blur the harder she presses that gas pedal and she loves it. She will have wet panties after she gets done doing what she needs to do but that's ok.

Just getting her toenails done Anny decides to drive home with her shoes off. She never thought pushing on the gas pedal would be so exhilarating but it is! Poking out her lips and wiggling her toes Anny speeds home enjoying the vibrations underneath her hot ass. This is now her new addiction, driving fast with her bare feet.

Maddy loves fast rides. She looks hot in her fast ride with her blonde hair pulled back and just enough eyeshadow to set off her sexy eyes. She knows she is not the only one who likes revving up cars so she started a club and got numerous replies. Now each month they all get together and meet in a different location each month just to rev up those speedy sports cars. Men are not the only ones who are obsessed with fast cars.

Kimmy is just getting off of work and is tempted as soon as she gets behind the wheel of her ride to rev up that engine! She cranks it all the way up from the start when normally she eases into it but this feels so good underneath her dressy high heels. No one from work would believe that she has a serious fetish for this kind of stuff.

Tina has to release some steam after the day she has had at work. The best way for her to do that is to get behind the wheel and rev up that powerful engine and let the vibrations go through her body. Her sneakers starts slowly pushing the pedal down then she goes in for the kill and pushes until her feet are to the floor of her car.

Mia loves the feel of a powerful engine underneath her ass. So she uses her friend's sports car to help her with her little fetish. At first she has on her sexy black wedge heel sandals to revv the car up but then she slips those off and push hard on the gas pedal to rev it up as high as it will go. Thankfully no one else is in the parking lot looking at her crazy.

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