Pedal Pumping

Hot girls pumping pedals

Layla and Jane love to flex their sexy little feet and they love doing it in a car. They enjoy the muscles they have to use to make a car go fast. It seems like the sensations under their feet go directly to their clit so they try to do it as often as possible. They go to test drive a new car and they trade places so both can feel those sexy sensations traveling up their pussies.

Carla is one sexy babe, but when she is getting ready to shift her car into another gear, she is using both of her sexy high heels at once to get her car's clutch shifted. She has some great looking legs and her shoes are very nice too. Driving through the streets of Paris gets more and more sexy as Carla is doing her thing driving around in her heels.

Wow, the lovely Claire is dressed up in a great skirt that shows off her toned thighs that look to die for as she gets ready to head out for the day in Miami. Her driving skills are excellent, but so are her great looking feet. Claire has excellent calves that know just how to control the pedals in her vehicle made for a queen like Claire.

Natalia is one sexy babe that has places to go, and people to see. She also loves to get dressed up in a nice outfit with that perfect pair of shoes. She has her prefect feet covered up in a nice pair of white flats with a bow. Natalia is going to be the ultimate dream for foot fetish lovers, because you can't resist her nice looking shoes.

Claire has on a pair of black stockings that are very dark. She is also wearing a pair of black pumps today, because she is going somewhere very important. Her dark heels are going to pump the gas pedal, but she has to pay attention to use the clutch, so she doesn't mess up her driving. She makes driving very sexy with her great high heels that are leather.

There is nothing like pretty feet with a great pedicure getting ready to start pushing the pedals. This lovely lady has some great looking feet, and she is going to step on the gas nice and slow, but she has a clutch, so she will also have to step on the clutch to shift into the next gear. She is a total turn on for pedal fetish.

Mistress Lisa is a sexy mistress wearing a pair of white high heels with white nylons as she drives her car to her wedding in Paris France. This mistress is in a hurry as she presses down on the gas pedal and the clutch and shifts the car with skill and precision. This mistress knows how to work the pedals just right while wearing her heels as she gets the car flying down the highway.

This mistress is ready to take her blue Audi convertible for a drive as she gets into the drivers seat wearing a pair of white pants and a pair of black boots. She gets in the car and shuts the door and uses her black boots to press down on the gas pedal as she gets the car moving. This sexy mistress knows that you love to watch her sexy feet press down on the pedals.

This sexy mistress is wearing a mini skirt showing off her long legs as she sits in the drivers seat of a fancy sports car. She takes her long legs and presses them down towards the pedals and she takes and uses the to press the gas as the car takes off. She uses her legs and her feet to shift the car and get the speed up there as she has you hypnotized by her sexy legs.

This sexy mistress is wearing a pair of sneakers while she sits in the drivers seat of an audi convertible. She takes her feet and uses them to press down on the gas pedal and she is busy revving up the engine. She knows that you are getting turned on by her pressing her feet down on the pedals and she knows that the sound the engine makes from her sexy feet is driving you crazy.

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